June & July at Tycoon Tribe

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June & July at Tycoon Tribe

These two months were so much fun at Tycoon Tribe, as I started working with voice coach, Boo Prince, on a great new line of coaching. We’ve bumped into a LOT of people who consider doing Streaming Channels, their own YouTUBE Channels or want to begin using VIDEO to promote their services on Social Media.

The buzz is that LinkedIn and FaceBook have gone gaga over video clips on their feeds and their algorithms now push video fiercely. Of course it opens a whole new can of worms. Some people don’t have quality video and that could count against you.

I’ve experimented and discovered massive interest on my own FaceBook and LinkedIn feeds. Where a general post or article on LinkedIn typically only gets about 400 views in three days, a clip with York Zucchi, where I discuss my own business failures, had views shoot up to 600 in only 48 hours on my YouTUBE channel. From there I started posting my video directly onto the feeds and they perform really well there too.

You can watch more clips online at www.tycoontribe.com, where we experimented with some cool video of really great speakers we’ve come to work with! Thanks for watching, be sure to LIKE and SHARE!

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