We’ve worked closely with Speakers, Authors & Coaches on their journeys to understand content formats and the dilemmas they sometimes face to re-structure content across different platforms. It is hard to keep re-writing material into different formats. That’s why we’ve come up with a system to easily repurpose material for powerful video and online massaging.

We are particularly proud of the compendium of products that we’ve tailored to make creating content easy with our clients. We are pretty sure that you will find some really great value here.

Presentation Beat Sheet

The Presentation is a fine balancing act whether you're doing this live in front of an audience or in front of a camera. People are watching. Constantly weighing up the balance between the laughs the seriousness the light the shade the pace the speed the pauses. And also of course how fast the material rolls out. How many facts per minute. And so on. All of these elements build to create a tension line which we can reflect in a beat sheet. And it also helps to create the four specific beats that your presentation communicates as you presented. Be sure to contact us and find out more how we can help you create a beat sheet of your own presentation.

  • Digital Beat Sheet Breakdown of Provided Materials
  • Presentation Feedback
Structure Workshop for Short Form Video

This exciting half-day or full-day workshop, is designed for people who have problems with structure, to translate ideas powerfully in impactful video. Our clients have found great value to help punctuate their key messages.

We refined the formulas used by top Hollywood scriptwriters, who use the finest techniques that create scripts to engage with their audiences. If you think about it, these writers have to get audiences to really care about the material, as fast as possible. That is what successful scriptwriting is about; If you can't make a viewer care in the first five minutes, it would be unlikely that they will return to see the next episode, let alone stay for the end of your production!

To discover where specific beats should fall in any presentaiton, and how one should roll out a piece of communication so that you make a real connection, authenticity and story development is key. We also want to ensure that your presentation delivers with great satisfaction, so that an audience can walk away with serious talk value and an idea that "sticks".

In our workshop you will learn about basic structure. You'll also discover the most important beats of the piece and how to build engaging and meanigful connection through your key message.

Authenticity Compass

We are particularly proud of this product, because it embodies a lot of research and hours of discussion. to discover what really lies at the heart of a powerful message. It is important to be truthful. Yes, it is great to make a connection and tell a story. Your beginning, middle and end are all of paramount importance. But the pivotal aspect of communication remains authenticity.

There is a fine balance in the relationship between the idea, which needs to reach an audience, and the actual presenter as conduit. We've coined the Authenticity Compass, and here is how it works:

Send a video clip of your presentation to us and we present it to other clients in our database, who will score your authenticity. In exchange, you will also need to score two other member clips. It takes roughly ten minutes to watch a clip and scoring takes place in no more than five minutes. In the process, every speaker is reminded of the kind of touch-points your audience might be looking out for during a presentation.

All scoring and actual outcomes are treated confidentially. You will receive a spider graph of your own performance, scored fairly by at least ten impartial individuals. It is powerful, and a true representation of the work.

Contact us to find out more.

Presentation Audit Package

We think this particular offering really hits the jackpot! At SpeakersClub we've decided to combine three very important aspects of every speaker's journey, in this single package:

  • Video Shoot of a Presentation or Talk
  • Packaged Video Highlights Moments
  • Packaged Audience Testimonials
  • Digital Beat Sheet Breakdown

Our camera crew will visit you on location, whilst giving an actual presentation, to capture footage of you presenting. At the same time, they will also shoot testimonials of inspired audience members. This means you walk away with great promotional material of your content, before we've even gotten to the best part: which is the Presenter Audit!

The Presenter Audit is a tool we use to plot an entire talk, broken down into thirty-second beats. We explore both material and the presenter's performance, which gives you a visual chart of the plot. This is extremely helpful in discovering dull moments in the presentation, or to figure out where the audience can potentially be left behind or tune out.

Be sure to make contact and see how we can help you obtain maximum impact with your next Key Note.